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at 08: 00 AM - 12: 00 PM

Afternoon Activities
Muhadatsah 3x/weekend at 16:00 PM -17:00 PM

  • Native speaker teaching staff (from middle east)
  • LIPIA alumni teaching staff
  • AC study room
  • Laboratory of Al-Qur'an and Language
  • Certificate
  • Tazkiyah passed Mahad Aisha's entrance without a writing test *Participants who passed with the Mumtaz designation
  • Mosque
  • Library
  • Mini Market
  • Wifi (boarding)
  • 3x1 lunch (boarding)
  • Dorm rental service (boarding: mattress, bed, pillow, blanket, closet, washing machine, dispenser)
  • The environment is nice and comfortable, located at the foot of Mount Salak
  • Able to follow curriculum studied (KBM) for 6 months
  • Females aged >15 years
  • Attaches the file as follows:
    • Scan KTP
    • 3x4 photo pass
    • Health certificate
    • Scan proof of transfer

Under the Lajnah Khairiyah Musytarakah Foundation (YLKM), Mahad Aisyah bint Abu Bakr Li al-Dakwah is the first Muslim boarding school in Indonesia, manhaj Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama ‘ah located at the foot of Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java.

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