Good Quality of
Muslimah Based on
Al-Qur'an and

Why do you have to choose

Mahad Aisha bint Abu Bakr?

Muslimah Special Campus

First in Indonesia! Female boarding campuses based on the principles of Al- Qur'an and As-Sunnah according to the understanding of Salafush Shalih

Actively Speak Arabic

All students of Mahad Aisha are required to use Arabic, both in colleg, as well as in daily life

Tahfiz 30 Juz

Not only memorizing Al-Qur'an, Mahad Aisha targeted All students to take Tahfiz 30 Juz who were guided directly by Shaykh in his charge.

Lecturer from Middle East

Not only quality educators from within the country, to support the quality of learning as well, Mahad Aisha brought 5 Shaykh Hafidzah Bersanad and 3 Shaykhs from Middle East


Mahad Aisyah binti Abu Bakar

The Lecturers

Mahad Aisyah binti Abu Bakar

Experienced educators, graduates from various universities both at local and International. Also supported by expatriate teachers from Middle East, namely 5 Shaykh Hafidzah Bersanad and 3 Shaykhs.

Dr. Edi Suwanto, Lc., S.H., M.Pd

Doctorate in Islamic Law, Ar Raniry University, Banda Aceh
  • S1 Syariah LIPIA Jakarta
  • Master’s Degree in Educational Management, Muhamadiyah University, Surakarta

Ustaz Abdul Hakim Zawawi, Lc., M.IRKH​

Master Degree of Fiqh and Proposed Al-Fiqh, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • S1 Syariah, LIPIA Jakarta

Syaikh Musa Salih Musa Abu Bakar, Lc., M.A

Master’s Degree in Arabic, Al-Madinah International University, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Arabic, Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia

Syaikhah Fatima Ali Murshed, Lc

Hafizah. Owner of Shahihain, Bukhari and Muslim Diplomas

Experienced in teaching Tahfidzul Qur ‘an

The Lecturer of Mahad Aisyah bint Abu Bakr ,inshaAllah is competent in their respective fields.


It is supported by a magnificent, beautiful, and comfortable building. Located at the foot of Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java which is very cool, also equipped with modern facilities.
  • Mesjid
  • Laboratory of Al-Qur’an and Language
  • Laboratory of Thibun Nabawi
  • Principality and Skills Room
  • Library
  • Mini Market
  • Canteen
  • Ambulance
  • Wi-Fi
  • Washing Machine in each room

News and Activities

Mahad Aisyah binti Abu Bakar


Mahad Aisha’s curriculum focuses on sharia education in the field of family law and women based on the demands of Al-Qur’an and


Abu Hurairah رضي الله عنه he said that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Whoever takes the way to seek knowledge, Allah will make it easy for him to find the way to Paradise.” (HR. Muslim).


Starting on December 3-5, 2018 / 25-27 Rabiul Awal 1440 H, All Boarding Schools under the auspices of Lajnah khairiyah Musytarakah foundation

Muslimah is the first school in building a shalih society

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Under the Lajnah Khairiyah Musytarakah Foundation (YLKM), Mahad Aisyah bint Abu Bakr Li al-Dakwah is the first Muslim boarding school in Indonesia, manhaj Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama ‘ah located at the foot of Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java.

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